Brinktop Vineyard

Our story

Gill and Todd Goebel have been growing grapes and making wine in the Coal River Valley, Tasmania, since 1999.  They are guided by sustainability and a passion for Tasmania and the wines that can be produced on the southern island state of Australia with its true cool climate. Brinktop is their second venture, started when they purchased an old farm called Killara located between the village of Richmond and Sorell. The old farm proved to be a hidden gem.  It has a long ridge affording gentle, east-north-east facing slopes and perfect dolerite soils that had been used for sheep grazing for the prevoius 100 years. Good organic matter and all the trace elements were in place naturally.  The slopes are cooled each afternoon during the growing season by the sea breezes straight off nearby Frederick Henry Bay.  Eight hectares are now planted out mainly to Pinot Noir and Chardonnay leaving a hectare each for Tempranillo and Shiraz.   Brinktop wine is made by Todd at the onsite winery.

The Brinktop Vineyard

East north east facing slopes with rich dolerite soils are planted out

Early days at Brinktop

A few select barrels

Killara Farm

Sheep, dairy cows and pigs grazed the farm for 100 years before vines were planted

Todd and Gill

Ready to plant vines at the old Killara Farm